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My love for fashion has always been bigger than my closet (and my wallet). I grew up hunting deals, shopping at thrift stores, recycling and upcycling clothing, and I've found a lot of gems along the way.

From eBay, to Poshmark, to even selling my clothes on the street outside my apartment, finding and selling secondhand clothing has become second nature. I believe every piece of clothing has a story but most are given up on after the first chapter.

At everydey style you'll find new-to-you (and sometimes brand new!) pieces to add to your wardrobe and give them a second chance to be worn and loved. I'll add items from my personal closet along with all the treasures I find and rescue. Let's not only change up our wardrobes, but change the way we see our clothes and ultimately keep them out of landfills. Remember style first, clothes secondhand. 

-Ashley Dey